Committee details

North West Joint Oversight Committee

In the interests of openness and transparency, the Police and Crime Commissioner opens meetings up to the public where possible. Please read the attending public meetings protocol document to find out more about your rights to access meetings and the rules around this.

Purpose of committee

            A Joint Oversight Committee of Police & Crime Commissioners formed to secure the efficient and effective governance of collaboration arrangements agreed between the participating parties pursuant to Section 23 Police Act 1996 as amended, and the Home Office Statutory Guidance for Police Collaboration.




The Committee shall only exercise such powers as are delegated to it by the individual Commissioners participating and in pursuance of those objectives set out in Sections 6ZA and 23 of the Police Act 1996.  

The North West Joint Oversight Committee will:


·         Set the strategic direction, framework and principles for regional collaboration;


·         Take all necessary decisions and management action to give effect to the Collaboration Service General Agreement*, other than decisions which may be taken by individual Commissioners;


·          Establish and monitor the governance arrangements for regional c collaboration and ensure sufficient resources are in place to support it;


·         Drive collaborative activity and ensure progress is maintained by regularly scrutinising the performance of existing collaborations against the agreed key performance indicators;


·         Identify and seek to overcome potential barriers to regional collaboration; and


·         Seek to raise awareness of collaborative activity amongst participating forces, the communities they serve and other interested parties.