Forward Plan

The forward plan sets out the key decisions which are due to be made by the Police and Crime Commissioner, and decisions to be made by Chief Officers. Those Chief Officers are the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and/or Chief Constable.

The forward plan is updated on a regular basis. The forward plan also details information which will be reported to the Police and Crime Commissioner, which may not require a decision, but the Commissioner or Chief Officer considers important.

A key decision is one which will have a significant/ongoing impact on communities in Greater Manchester, and/or is financially significant, in terms of spending or savings for the service or function concerned.

In addition, there are also decisions which form part of the business planning process which may or may not be a key decision, the details of which are also included in the forward plan. An indication of the type of decision required, and the information to be provided will be included in the forward plan.

This document gives the public the opportunity to know what decisions are to be taken, and what information is to be reported, and to read any background documents (unless they contain confidential information) and comment if they wish.

If you are unable to view the documents or have any queries with regard to the forward plan or its contents please contact: Jackie Hynes by telephoning 0161 793 3036 or by emailing, or contact Rachael Storey by telephoning 0161 793 3136 or by emailing

The Forward Plan is currently being updated, if you have any queries please call 0161 793 2541