Meetings of the Police and Crime Commissioner

The Police and Crime Commissioner's formal business is conducted at a number of meetings. There are also a number of meetings which are not open to the public, which help to support the work of the Commissioner.

In the interests of openness and transparency, the Police and Crime Commissioner opens meetings up to the public where possible. Please read the attending public meetings protocol document to find out more about your rights to access meetings and the rules around this.

A forward plan has been produced that sets out the key decisions which are due to be made by the Police and Crime Commissioner, and decisions to be made by Chief Officers. Those Chief Officers are the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and/or Chief Constable. The forward plan is updated on a regular basis.

A key decision is one which will have a significant/ongoing impact on communities in Greater Manchester, and/or is financially significant, in terms of spending or savings for the service or function concerned.

In addition, there are also decisions which form part of the business planning process which may or may not be a key decision, the details of which are also included in the forward plan.

Members' Expenses

Members of the Audit and Accounts Committee and the Human Resources Governance Panel are able to claim expenses. In addition to these expenses, each member is paid an allowance of £1000 per annum. The Chair of both the committee and panel receives an annual allowance of £1,500.

The expenses which members can claim are:

Attendance at meetings - £104.50 Half a day (less than 4 hours), £211.50 full day.
Car mileage - 40p per mile
Reading time - £15 per hour

Members' expenses by month

Prior to the appointment of the Police and Crime Commissioner, governance and scrutiny of Greater Manchester Police was undertaken by the Greater Manchester Police Authority, and access to their archived agenda, minutes and committee information can be accessed via this link Greater Manchester Police Authority